About LexMusicBox

Lexington, Ky has a staggering amount musical talent. How do you find out who's playing where?

LexMusicBox.com is the one and only source to see who's playing around town. Now fans, musicians, venues, and promoters can connect and share live music events for free. There are approximately 135+ verified venues and thousands of musicians that play within a 45 minute drive of Lexington, Kentucky.

How it works: Musicians list up to 25 famous artists covered from their band set list, and fans list up to 25 famous artists they like to hear covered. It’s a match! Venues can also list shows and coordinate special promotions with fans and musicians.

Everyone can share and discover LIVE music based on personal preferences and on the artists they like to hear covered. You can indicate more preferences such seating, food, drink, smoking, etc….all these preferences help connect musicians to the fans.

NOTE: Future improvements and new versions are scheduled. Please let us know of any errors or suggested features by contacting info@LexMusicBox.com. Screen shots and the type of device (phone or computer) you are using are helpful to diagnose issues.