Frequently Asked Questions

How much does LexMusicBox cost?

It's FREE. It will remain FREE forever to the public and all local live music fans. Musicians signup for a trial version and post gigs for two weeks. Paid memberships (musicians, venues, and promoters) will be available in 2017. Future versions will offer additional paid features, such as boosting a show, band booking preferences, and special promotion features.

Why should I use this website when I already use Facebook?

You should use BOTH. However LexMusicBox offers these features:

How does this work?

Musicians list up to 25 famous artists covered in their band profile, and fans list up to 25 famous artists they like to hear covered. It is a match! Venues can help musicians coordinate special promotions with fans and musicians.

Everyone can share and discover LIVE music based on personal preferences AND on the artists they like to hear covered. Indicate other preferences such seating, food, drink, smoking, etc….all these things help connect musicians to the fans.

Fill out your favorites, it will help you discover and connect with local talent and places to see live music!

What if I play mostly original music?

It works the same way as cover bands....list famous artists with characteristics similar to your style. Our staff can help. We can listen to your original recordings, creating a list of artists you may resemble. Fans will get a recommendation to attend your show based on a their matching favorites.

Why is "Fan" greyed out (cannot click) when registering?

Because everyone who registers with LexMusicBox is automatically a FAN of live music.

Can I list a live music event at my home or private residence?

No. Shows listed on the live music page allow anyone to attend. They are public events only, at verified venues.

However, band members who login will see ALL of their shows...whether public or private.

What is a verified venue?

It is a physical location that has been verified by LexMusicBox to coordinate live music within a 45-minute radius of Lexington, Ky. Adding a new venue is allowed, but information will be hidden from public view until it is verified.

Can I list an event such as a musical?

No. Events that have dramatic theatrical performance, comedy or some other type of entertainment are not allowed. Your event must be local live music only. Venues can list open mic nights, as long as participation is typically at least 80% live music.

Why are some shows highlighted pink?

Because you've selected a venue or local band in your favorites list.

What about karaoke nights?

No. Our goal is to promote live music and local musicians. Venues can list open mic events where the main focus is live music (not poetry, comedy, drama). The open mic nights must be minimum 80% live music to be listed on LexMusicBox.

What if I’m a member of several bands?

We have cool features for you! This tool allows you to coordinate all your performances, listing all gigs in one place, even with multiple bands. You can see your entire schedule (public and private gigs). Each band members can see their schedule too. You can also list gigs that are private, such as weddings. You can even list yourself as a "fill-in" player. Future versions of this software will notify you of potential gigs and integrate with your personal calendar and send messages to all band members instantly.

What if I need to change something on a gig I scheduled?

You can edit only the time of a gig. Otherwise, you can delete the gig, then add it again with correct information. Try to make your changes at least two weeks in advance by Monday at midnight. Fans receive weekly emails on Tuesdays and you'll miss the email promo.

What is a Promoter?

A person who

After a promoter becomes verified by LexMusicBox information shared will be publicly available. Promoters will have special booking features to find musicians which fit their preferences.

Auto Renewal Membership Subscriptions

All members are set to auto renew. To cancel auto renewal, go to your settings, scroll down to billing, and change it. Turning off auto renew cancels your Grandfathered price and in the case of non-payment on the due date, reverts your account back to the free version of two weeks.